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Produk CoolPaint

1 Kg CoolPaint = 5 m2


Cooling Paint and Water Proof

CoolPaint can be used on the exterior of the home / outside of the building walls and roof of your house that is useful for cooling and water proofing (leak proof).

CoolPaint can directly be applied directly to the surface of the corroded or perforated zinc.

CoolPaint is waterbase paint that provides protection and  reflects the heattemperature , stainless and soundproof.

CoolPaint is suitable for application at the surface of galvanized zinc, zinc and asbestos alumn

CoolPaint New Innovation with double excess


The results will you get by using CoolPaint:

  1. The  roof has new look
  2. Leak Proof
  3. Your building more cooler


aplikasi coolpaint


Color Choice

CoolPaint provides several color options that can be usedTOP COAT
coolpaint warna putih White
Neutral colors are properly used with any color. Using this color is generally described cleanliness, innocence and purity. Its use in the room will give a greater impression on the room and will describe the sterile and cold
coolpaint warna hijau Green
Green color is often seen and described the nature. The effect of this color is to provide an atmosphere harmonious, calm, relaxed, natural, soothing, refreshing and calming.
coolpaint warna biru Blue
It is the color of sea and sky that suggests calmness, silence, peace, comfort and protection. Another effect is to give the impression of relief and wide.
coolpaint warna abu abu Grey
Its usually used for home-style minimalism. Creating a stable atmosphere, broad, reassuring.
coolpaint warna hitam Black
Used as a paint base for  CoolPaint .


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CoolPaint New Innovation with double excess


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On the new roof / Exterior wall / Metal or Steel / Concrete surface

Day 1
- Remove grease from the surface
- Apply first layer of CoolPaint top coat
Pengaplikasian hari kedua CoolPaint Day 2
Repaint the CoolPaint top coat


On the old rusted zinc plate

Pengaplikasian hari pertama CoolPaint Day 1
Remove grease from the surface using cleaning solvent. Rust is not required to be cleaned from the surface.
Pengaplikasian hari pertama CoolPaint If the surface cracks or holes on them, cover it with a piece of paper. CoolPaint basecoat can be applied stright away if there is no cracks or hole
Pengaplikasian hari pertama CoolPaint Paint the paper with a layer of CoolPaint base coat
Pengaplikasian hari kedua CoolPaint Day 2
After 24 hour drying period, repaint the surface (2nd coating) with a layer of CoolPaint basecoat.
Pengaplikasian hari ketiga CoolPaint Day 3
After 24 hour, apply a layer of CoolPainttop coat (3rd coating). Three choices colors are available.
Pengaplikasian hari keempat CoolPaint Day 4
Finally, repaint the surface (4th coating) with a finishing layer of CoolPaint basecoat using the same color as previous color.



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